Made for Europe Contest

Proud 3rd place winner with the headmaster

In order to be valuing and promoting positive experience gained in running schools education projects financed by EU programs in education and training, the Ministry of Education of Romania  launched the eighth edition of the National Competition "Made for Europe".

The competition is included in national competitions calendar school funded by MEN 2013-2014 school year, approved no. 24334/8.01.2014, section 2/ 14/

Ionela Mocanu, a 13 year visually impaired student, represented The School for the Vsually impaired, Bucharest ( Scoala Gimnaziala Speciala pentru Deficienti de Vedere- Bucuresti)  at this competion.  The school is a partner in a Leonardo da Vinci project named „Robobraille Smart Alternate Media”, coordinated by Denmark.

With the products of the european project  and a presentation of the  „Robobraille Smart  Alternate Media”, she managed to convince the jury and won the third place. The competion was held on 22 of March 2014 and we are very pround of the result.

Nora Negreanu, coordinator, Romania