RoboBraille network upgraded

Word cloud with network words

On September 8, 2014, the internet connection that serves RoboBraille was upgraded to a new fiber-based network, effectively increasing the upload and download speeds by a factor of at least four. The upgrade was done as part of he continuous improvements to the service. As a result, users should experience faster response times, faster uploads of documents to the service and faster downloads of converted documents from the service.

As part of the upgrade, the RoboBraille mail and web servers were assigned new IP addresses. For reasons unknown to the RoboBraille Support Team, this caused the service to be suddently blocked in several spam filtres and listed on several black lists. For the past few days, users may therefore have experienced lack of replies from the service or replies that have ended up in spam filtres or user spam folders. All such issues should now have been resolved and users are encouraged to resubmit documents for conversion and to check local spam filtres. Please do not hesitate to write to if you experience problems with the service or have questions about RoboBraille.