Learn Alternate Media with RoboBraille E-learning

Screen shot of the first scene of the RoboBraille e-learning course

RoboBraille Outreach is happy to announce the release of an entire e-learning course on RoboBraille. The course is designed to take learners - e.g., students, teachers, relatives, rehabilitation workers, alternate media professsionals, others - through most parts of the RoboBraille service and how to use RoboBraille to produce material in a variety of alternate formats such as Braille, audio books, reflowable e-books and digital large-print. The course also covers how to use RoboBraille to make inaccessible and tricky documents more accessible and easier to work with and how to design and create accessible documents in the first place.

The RoboBraille e-learning course is freely available in the resource section of the RoboBraille site at www.robobraille.org/resources/robobraille-e-learning-course 

The RoboBraille e-learning course is accessible and can be use used with assistive technologies such as screen readers. Closed captions are also available.