New Danish voice in RoboBraille

Nuuk town hall flying the Danish and Greenlandic flags

Danish female voice Anne recently joined the two existing Danish voices in RoboBraille: Sara from Dictus and Carsten from MV-Nordic. Anne from MV-Nordic is a high-quality voice developed with the educational sector in mind. Anne has been made the default voice for Danish mp3-conversions using the account. It is furthermore available through the RoboBraille web interface. The existing voices will remain in operation. Carsten will continue to respond to mail to as well as to the new account Similarly, Sara will respond to mails to and will remain the voice of Danish DAISY-productions for the time being. Both existing voices also remain part of the web interface to RoboBraille. 

Over the course of the coming months, the RoboBraille Team will monitor the stability of the new voice as well as its co-existence with the other Danish voices. Depending on this and feedback from users, Anne is expected to also become the default voice for Danish DAISY-productions.

Users are welcome to provide feedback on

The new Danish voice has been acquired as part of the Synthetic Greenlandic Voice/RoboBraille Greenland project. The project is funded by the VELUX Foundations.