RoboBraille on top as learning technology

Badge: Best ICT for Learning micro practice

October 28, 2013 - The VISIR consortium (see has selected the RoboBraille service as one of the top 20 innovation practices in ICT for learning in Europe! The selection process has been run by engaging representatives from seven European networks working in the field of innovation in learning, and has been focusing on dimensions such as creativity, impact, potential for scalability, among others.

"We are very happy with the recognition of RoboBraille as a leading innovative service that helps learners access educational material. The ability of RoboBraille to convert educational material into a range of alternative formats such as audio books, ebooks and Braille helps both mainstream learners and learners with special needs become more efficient students," says Lars Ballieu Christensen, RoboBraille-administrator and co-inventor of the service.